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Portuguese dating etiquette

Portugal covers 92,212 km² and is the westernmost country in mainland Europe.The country is divided into several provinces, each with its own unique landscape and character.If you are kept waiting for a business meeting, it is important not to show annoyance.It is likely that any business meeting will have a fair degree of conversation that is not related to the meeting.Lisbon itself is one of the most appealing capitals in Europe, and a must-see destination.

Additionally, towns and cities across the country usually have a summer festival, often including bullfights or bull runs through the town.

If you are invited for a meal at someone’s house, it is customary to bring a small, but thoughtful gift, such as expensive chocolates or flowers.

In many countries, a clean plate at the end of the meal is a sign that you have enjoyed the food, but in Portugal, it is considered polite to leave a little food on your plate once you have finished.

The family is central to the Portuguese way of life, and takes precedence over all other relationships, including in business.

Employing family members within a business is seen as the normal thing to do in Portugal, as it makes sense to them to surround yourself with the people you know and trust the most.

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This is a way for your Portuguese colleagues to get to know you, and you should not try to hurry the meeting along or become frustrated because your neatly-planned agenda is being disregarded.